Usefull Extensions And Modules


I am looking for usefull extensions and modules to make my application easier to use.

Anyone got some good experience with some extenstions/modules or even great libraries which are not have or need a Yii wrapper?

I am just creating a large project with a lot of extension to be able to copy/paste what i need for the projects i will be creating in the future.

The following i already integraded:

  • Rights

  • Ei18n (translate)

  • EMenu

  • FontAwesome

  • sass (scssphp)

  • Backjob

  • yiimailer

  • Highcharts (v4.0.1)

  • PHPExcel (v1.8.0)

The following i have planned to integrade:

  • infiniteScroll

  • google analytics

  • a pdf creator (whatever works best)

See github for the project:

I don’t think i will be using Yii 2 very soon. It is to new.