Useful things in documentation


There is a table @ each class page in the class reference that quickly provides some informations about the class like:

But i think there is a need of some other useful informations.

Example in CArrayDataProvider it could be useful to quickly view:

The parameters you can see on the constructor method…

As for return values it’s too complicated as there can be many methods that returns values… this is a class not a method with one return value…

at least __construct(… […] ) could be added

some classes do not have their constructor but use the parent one… and the constructor is on the page, I don’t see the point in duplicating it as then even the parameter description would be needed…

Each time i check the documentation to add a widget or something i would like to know what are the minimal parameters for this widget to run but sometimes it’s missing. Like in:


Minimal parameters + a minimal example should be added :)

Hi, take a look at yiiplayground


oh i know


Thanks for pointing out about CTabView. Fixed.