Used Car Yard Kenya


I take this opportunity to unveil a new search engine for used cars in Kenya. The mission of is to connect potential car buyers and individual car sellers with trusted and reliable used car dealers across the republic of Kenya in all major cities and towns.

The online car dealership portal is built on my favorite PHP Framework ever. Yii. I love Yii and since 2 years i ago when i started playing around with it, i never looked back. I got several projects to showcase going forward all powered by the love of Yii.

Used Car Yard Kenya car portal

Great people you feedback is welcome.

Just converted Southern Quality Imports LTD from Joomla CMS to Yii framework.

I love Yii

I am excited to report that Used Car yard has undergone a huge transformation since it first launched, with a new layout, functional features for car sellers. Mobile App is the next phase that is in the works. It’s my wish it will be completed ASAP.

Check it out You feedback is highly anticipated.


Car Sales South Africa is a used car classified website. Uploading advert is easy and free. This posting feature allows car sellers to create an advert with just a few clicks. The dealer dashboard allows car dealers to perform crud functions. i.e create, update, and delete.

Off course the auto classified script is built using Yii Framework, MySQL, Lucene Search …


the link is not working. I’m getting an “index of /” page here.



Got it fixed. thanks for point this out. Cheers.