Use Yii with shared server?

(Mekaboo) #1

Hello hope all is well😊
Im new to the framework and to me it seems to be less complex than the others (Cakephp, Symfony, Laravel,etc). My question is can I use this with my web host (1and1)? Don’t want to create anything unless I know I can easily get it up and running afterwards.


(Jacob Moen) #2

Yes, you can :slight_smile:
If your host does not support you setting the document root, then you can use an app template that allows you to use the project root as web root.
There is an app template made by Krajee on Github, that does that. The standard basic app template that is maintained by the Yii team requires that you set up your web root in the web subdirectory. That is good practice, but rather sad if you can’t set the web root :smile:

(Alexander Makarov) #3

If you’ll rename web directory to match your shared hosting webroot, it will just work out of the box.

(Jacob Moen) #4

True, but some shared hosting providers restrict you to only work within your user directory which is also the web root. :wink:

(Alexander Makarov) #5

Right. In this case you’ll need another template.

(Mekaboo) #6

Thank you both for the input I greatly appreciate it :heart_eyes: