Use Yii Rbac As Like Cms User Role


i am trying to make a application ,like Content management system :wordpress,joomla

.there they create user and apply the ,user role like author,reader,admin etc.

how can i make like them using Yii built in authentication system.

or is there any extension to that make me this system.

i understand ,Yii given permission to action specific in a controller.

i want like that when a user make a new controller,

i can assign a user role to specific action.

from dashboard,is the any kind of extension here .

and user must be added in database table.

my English is not so good,so please sorry.

Well there different extensions are available here for RBAC.But as i have read your comment, it seems that according to your need you have to create your extension which work like this in your application background.

So, i hope if you have gone through with Authentication and Authorization Article for Yii and you understand completely about it then i think you can create some plugin or code for this.

To get some idea about Yii permission related extension i will recommend you to study Yii Rights Extension.