Use Yii 3 ActiveRecord module in Yii 1.1 project?

(Seems like I can’t create a new topic in the Yii 3 forum…?)

Anyway. Would it be possible to use the Yii 3 ActiveRecord module inside Yii 1.1? Since the former is namespaced. Could be a first step for a migration, while keeping the system running.

Hi Olle,

I managed to get access to the database via yii3 ActiveRecord within a LS3-Plugin.
All you have to do is to require di, active-record, db-mysql packages, build a container and an ActiveRecord. see the tests in

Thanks for your feedback! What’s an LS3 plugin?

To ask Yii 3 specific questions, I would suggest you join the Yii Slack

Thank you, I’ll try this. We’re not so used to Yii 3 yet on IRC. ^^