Use UserLogin.php as a page

Hello, is it possible to use the component/widget UserLogin.php as a static page?

Or do i have to build a controller with a login function, build a view and load from inside the view the widget?

<?php $this->widget('UserLogin', array('visible' => Yii::app()->user->isGuest)); ?>

Would you like to use a portlet?

I couldn’t figure out what you want

i need a login page, not like in the demo blog. in the blog application the login widget is on the right side of the page. but can’t use it like that so i was wondering if i can use the widget as a page?

or do i need to create my own login controller including the model and views?

you can use separate view for login page. but you dont have to

use separate controller for this. please check jonah’s skeleton app here:

Yii skeleton app