Use signup and/or login in multiple locations/view

I was wondering is it possible to have the signup form as like a global form so that it can e rendered anywhere? If so how?

For example the default signup page as well as a signup page in another view.

Any guidance would be great, is it possible to some how use the existing signup model and site controller to and simply just render the form in another view.

Yes. What’s the problem with it?

I am asking for some direction on how to do it. But thank for letting me know it’s possible.

Well, you need a form that will submit to the same action as primary one (if it has the same fields).

Yeah I can render the same form view by adding $signupform = new signipform(); to the model and then in the view using render file however the I need it to use the signup actions in the signup controller rather than report controller should I just copy the action from signup controller to report controller? This seems a bit annoying as it’s duplicating code also say if you wanted it in a third area not that I do then you’d be duplicating the code again.

No. When creating ActiveForm specify "action" property to point to your action.