Use *phtml in view. How to change base extension?

Hello everyone, for a many reason a choose to use a *phtml in my application…

Per first, i’m create application with clearly division backend and frontend for yii2 and angular/ember ( it’s not sure jet ) framework.

In frontend case, have gulp render for view file from the jade-template ( or anyone know working solution for implement JT in Yii like twig? i’m can’t find ) and for got clean code in structure file in phpstorm i want to hide all file with *phtml extension.

But for now angular ask backend controller for any template need to bulid application and need global solution for change the file extension. Of course… i can just wrtire $this->render(‘index.phtml’) and all work perfect, but… i don’t won’t do this any time.

Someone have a solution?

ps. sorry for my english, it isn’t fluent