Use of undefined constant Submit - assumed 'Submit'


When I changed memory_limit 128M to 256 M in php.ini file, I got this error “Use of undefined constant Submit - assumed ‘Submit’”. Do you know why I go this type of error. I m using yii-1.1.5.



That is a PHP message… somewhere you are using something like


instead of


… note the quotes!

Same code is working my old server. I configured new server with new version of PHP. My question is, how is it possible to run the same code in my old server?

NOTE: This is a notice not an error…

Maybe you have different versions of PHP… or some PHP directive is enabled… (E_NOTICE is enabled for displaying as error)… anyway you should use quotes in similar situations…

If there are no quotes PHP first tryes to find a constant with that name… if it does not find it… than it treats that as a string…