Use module files from another path

I want to achieve loading one specific module without having it in the application/modules folder.

It works for the module class file, but I am having problems with path resolving for included module files.

Example: I am using the RBAM extension/module with the following configuration:

'modules' => array(


		'class' => '',



This correctly loads the module file, but whenever a path is resolved like…


… it is resolved to the regular module path under application/modules/rbam/etcetera, instead of path/to/external/modules/rbam/etcetera.

'No such file or directory' on include(C:\www\test\application\modules\rbam\extensions\alphapager\ApLinkPager.php)

Can I solve this?

seems the pathAlias of "rbam" is wrong . test it firstly :

echo Yii::getPathOfAlias('rbam');

may be you should track the widget function call stack ,debug the place where the error message output

the most possible is the setPathOfAlias() set a wrong path string , check it ::)

may be is the widget ApGridView treat the ApLinkPager class path under the …modules\rbam\extensions\alphapager\ApLinkPager.php , read the source code :P

Alright, I think it works now!

It was a bit buggy, until I remembered include() results are cached. Calling clearstatcache() fixed my problem and I can now use the module externally :)