Use EzComponents WorkFlow in Yii

hello experts

i want to use ezcomponents library in my yii project.

how i can use autoloader of ezcomponents?

ezcomponent has an autoloader in /Base/src/base.php -> public static function autoload( $className ){…}

please help me.

I’m not sure about framework native support for multiple autoloaders but what I did recently, lacking time to dig, was to:

  • Unregister the Yii autoloader.

  • Register the other autoloader.

  • Re-register the other autoloader.

All with the standard spl_autoload_* functions.

An autoloader for Zen was created by at least one community member, so it should work. :)

Yii has a helper method for it (which does exactly the same):

Yii::registerAutoloader(array('ezcBase', 'autoload'));

Thanks a lot for writing the wiki article:


Appreciated! :lol: