use $data in htmlOptions in CGridView?

I want to add a data-title attribute to a CGridView column so that a tooltip is shown on hover using this attribute’s value, is it doable?

as in



			'header' => ' ',

			'name' => 'photo',

			'value'=>'"<img src=\"" . Yii::app()->thumb->save("var/product/product1.png", 26, 26, true) . "\" />"',


			'filter' => false,

			'headerHtmlOptions' => array(

				'class' => 'photo-column',


			'htmlOptions' => array(

				'class' => 'photo-column',

				'data-title'=>'$data->description' //<==




I have similar issue, any luck?

I think that if you specify type html it will restrict what it will pass through the htmlOptions, but if you use type ‘raw’ you should be able to do this.