Use customized dropdownlist with multimodelform


this is my first topic and i am newbie in yii.

i have troubles using a default value in a dropdownlist.

In a form, data from 2 models are shown: student as the main model, and another model for the result of the student for a particular semester.

Semester is made of 3 fields: semester_id, year and semester_number.

I use application level default value for the semester_id.

In the form, i populate the dropdownlist this way:


		$model1 = Semesters::model()->findAll();;

		$data1 = array();

		$data2 = array();

		foreach ($model1 as $models){

				$data1[$models->semester_id] = $models->semester_id . ' - ' . $models->year . ' semestre '. $models->semester_number;



And i try to use the default value in the form (mutimodel part):

	<?php   $relStudentSemesterFormConfig = array(








			'items' => $data1,

			'empty'=> $data1[Yii::app()->params['defaultSemester']],

        ), ...

This method add a record (duplicate of my default) in the dropdownlist instead of pointing the default value.

Il i save, an error message appears ("Semester cannot be blank"), but if i choose one of the correct records, it works well.

I tried differents options like ‘default’ instead of ‘empty’, use beforeSave or beforeValidate, nothing works!

Thank you for your help.