Use Count(*) In Yii2

hi all,

I want to get the count of deleted content per user in my DB, i have two fields to get this data in ‘content’ table

  1. is_deleted

2.deleted_by (user_id),

so what i want is as the following :

user_id | count(*)

1 | 3

2 | 5

I wrote this query in Yii2:

 $count = content::find()->select('content.deleted_by, count(*)')->innerJoin('users', '')

->where("content.is_deleted='1' and content.deleted_time>='$from' AND content.deleted_time<= '$to 23:59:59'")->groupBy('deleted_by')->all();

but i get this error:

Setting unknown property: backend\models\Content::count

can anyone help me

I believe you have to alias your count() to a model property like "select count() as counter" where your model has a public int $counter = 0;

At least that’s the case for Yii 1.1.x

Do you really need to use model in this case? It looks pretty much like raw query. Consider using it directly.

You can use asArray() to get the result as array instead of trying to populate records. This way it should work.

use asArry() works for me to solve a similar count(*) not displaying issue.Thanks

This is how i’m doing in my model (hoping it’s the right way)

    public static function ArtCount($ArtDes)


        $connection = Yii::$app->getDb();

        $command = $connection->createCommand("SELECT count(*) as tot FROM art where des =:artdes",[':artdes'=> $ArtDes]);

        $result = $command->queryAll();

        return $result[0]['tot'];


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great reply for custom query.
thank you