use anonymous functions...

…where ever string eval can be used e.g. CGridView columns value.

The current framework is compatible with PHP 5.2 and so can’t use anonymous functions. 2.0 will be PHP 5.3+ though.

Good to hear.

CComponent::evaluateExpression() does accept anonymous functions. Just try it :)

EDIT: An example for CGridView from my current project:

'columns' => array(



		'class' => 'CLinkColumn',

		'label' => 'jogosultság hozzárendelése',

		'urlExpression' => function ($data, $row, $component) { return array('assignRole', 'id' => $data->id); },



holy moly, thanks for that! How do you know the method signature for the function?

In fact, it isn’t documented, so it may not be safe to rely on. I had to take a look at the code of Yii, to figure it out.

It’s safe to rely on. I promise.