Usage Of $Model In Cform?

Hi there.

I have a controller that i create the form fields configuration array for CForm in that without any CFormModel or CActiveRecord as $model, but when i var_dump() the result it give me CActiveRecord as class.

So, What is the usage of $model? I read its api documentation, I need more, even by examples…

Thanks everybody.

$form = new CForm(array('title' => 'Please provide your login credential',

                	'elements' => array(

                    	'username' => array(

                        	'type' => 'text',

                        	'maxlength' => 32,


                    	'password' => array(

                        	'type' => 'password',

                        	'maxlength' => 32,


                    	'rememberMe' => array(

                        	'type' => 'checkbox',



                	'buttons' => array(

                    	'login' => array(

                        	'type' => 'submit',

                        	'label' => 'Login',