Urls Problem On Windows Server

Hi everyone on the forum, this is my first post, cause I’m a Yii newbie. I have already searched on the forum, but I could’t find any solution to my problem. Hereafter I try to clarify the point.

I’m running Yii on a Azure server, a Windows server 2014 server, with IIS 8. I’m developing also on a local environment. Since I’ve got no problem on my local machine I uploaded my stuff on the remote server, everything seems to be correctly configured, but when I type an URL with the & I’m constantly getting an alliterated page, not the view that I have on my local machine. I have also tried to configure urlManager, but nothing good happens. I guess it’s some sort of problem with URLs in IIS. Anyone is experiencing this issue? Suggestions?

Please help, that’s so annoying…

Are you seeing any errors?

Windows server => Problems.

Solution ? Linux Server. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’ve no experience with Azure but have deployed a few Yii apps on WS08R2. The first thing that comes to mind is to allow the Web service users IUSR and IIS_USERS write access to both the assets and the runtime directory. I also don’t have experience with IIS8 but for IIS7/7.5 I also installed the URL rewrite add-on. Finally, make sure your PHP-FastCGI configuration is set up correctly. I hope this helps.