Url's In Lowercase

I’ve been searching for some time now but I could not find the answer. I would like to have my generated url’s in lowercase.

If I change the url in the address bar of my broswer to lowercase I can access the correct page without any issue (which is good) however the url’s generated (eg. in the menu) have uppercase characters (I think that’s based on the controller).

How can I adjust my application (config?) that it will give me lowercase url’s?

This page will help you…

or you can try to mod write…

This page will help you…

Hello friends, I have a problem I could not solve by conventional method Yii.

My problem is this.

When I try to access http localhost/myapp/controlador/metodo route to the next, I can not do, because the brand of the method in the controller is so, actionMetodo, but if I enter localhost / myapp / controller / Method if it works. I can not change all the routes that the project is too big and it would take forever.

Now use caseSensitive false in urlManager the main, but it did not work, this is apparently something inside when I’m in the code, but when requests, really do not know how to fix it.

Thank you for your help.