Urls For Module In App In Subdirectory Resolve To Home Page


[i][font=“Times New Roman”]the app didn’t do anything wrong, I did.

I didn’t notice that urlmanager injected the /active/ diectory in the generated paths.

Working now on filtering it out.[/font][/i]


Long time no see. So I have an application with an api module that works flawlessly on the production machines (virtual host based) but whose path formated urls resolve to the home page when deployed on the production machine inside a subfolder.

[size="5"]Development setup:[/size]

framework in:


app in:


api request:


resolves to the correct route

[size="5"]Deployment setup:[/size]

farmework in:


app in:



webroot/theapp/active -> webroot/theapp/v0.1

htaccess in webroot/theapp (is a basic forwarding script to the active application folder)

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^$ active/ [L]

RewriteRule (.*) active/$1 [L]

htaccess in active (aka v0.1 directory)

is the base yii .htaccess file

in the deployment the basic urls


work as expected, the request is forwarded to to the ‘active’ directory which links to

the active application. So basic functionality is there.

The problem lies with the api module since


doesn’t resolve to the expected module>controller>action but just defaults to the default ‘home’ page…

Any ideas?