urlmanager rules

I have created some of my rules look some thing like below




                           'Home' => array('site/index', 'urlSuffix'=>'.html', 'caseSensitive'=>false),

                           'Aboutus'=>array('<view:(about)>'=>'site/page','urlSuffix'=>'.html', 'caseSensitive'=>false),

                           'FAQs'=>array('<view:(faqs)>'=>'site/page','urlSuffix'=>'.html', 'caseSensitive'=>false),



The first rule ‘Home’ is working fine when it comes to second and third rules my controller and actiondID are the same only views are changed according to the view my url need to be configured but its throwing errors could someone correct my rules

Thanks in advance,


First of all, you are able to configure $urlSuffix and $caseSensitive globally:

'components'= > array(

   'urlManager' => array(

      'caseSensitive' => false,

      'urlSuffix' => '.html',

      'rules' => array(





Now if you have a rule were you don’t want to use an url suffix, you configure the rule on it’s own (like you did in your first post).

Now assuming you configured the url manager as I explained, you want to use this rules:

'rules' => array(

   'Home' => 'site/index',

   'Aboutus' => array('site/page', 'defaultParams' => array('view' => 'about')),

   'FAQs' => array('site/page', 'defaultParams' => array('view' => 'faqs')),


Thats fantastic of you, rules are working.


I use this:

'blog/cimke/<tag>' => 'post/index/<tag:cimke>',

The rewrite is work, but the links is not modifyd.

Sorry for my poor english.