UrlManager enablePrettyUrl not working

I’m struggeling here with UrlManager and pretty Urls.

I assume, that


will automatically changed into


but its not?

instead that is the result:


if you are using yii2 basic application then go to config/web.php and see the urlManager component there, uncomment the code so you will the get your required result. means you will get pretty url

I setup UrlManager and mod-rewrite properly I think

The Yii debugger can reveal which rule was applied.

In yii2-app-basic I modified site/index

public function actionIndex($view = 'index')
    var_dump($view); exit;
    return $this->render('index');

again: I assumed site/index/view/hello-world instead of site/index?view=hello-world
the first one thows a 404 NotFoundException

site/index is working fine

dear, i have explain you the way how to set up pretty url from your configuration file so you have to goto config/web.php and un commment the urlManager component so you will have the pretty urls in your browser when locating them

dear, I did that

Question is may w+ match the hyphen? Go and find out.

site/index/view/index => 404

Same scenario is working fine with old Yii1.1 app

(IIRC a module will prepend its rules)

which module? I dont have setup any modules

Just a hint, note the parentheses. But I still think you should check which rule is in effect. Perhaps you can show us the url rules. (somebody else may already know a solution or can try it out. My environment isn’t started.)

I added a rule for just testing:

'urlManager' => [
    'enablePrettyUrl' => true,
    'showScriptName' => false,
    'normalizer' => [
        'class' => 'yii\web\UrlNormalizer'
    'rules' => [
        'site/index/<view>' => 'site/index'

now, site/index/index and site/index/hello-world work fine
but I dont want that rule, and I thought I dont need a rule for the pathInfo - pattern

ok, for the standard behaviour in 1.1 we need a rule in yii2