Url Writing Just Like Cake Php

Hi I had faced problem in url writing just like in cake php, In cake php I can use routes for different url

such if post/create, than i can write in in cake php as create/post so look which url is the best


or create/post ( in cake php)

I had searched all over the internet but i didn’t get it. If this features was not in Yii than please add this type url writing in yii next version .Thank you

In a company where I’m working we’re doing things with cakephp (2.x). I haven’t seen this kind of routes, though. When following conventions you always stays with controller/action. But to achieve what you want with yii, you can write default routes in config/main.php like this:





By the way, routing system in yii is very well thought and you can achieve almost everything, if not everything, with it.