Url Rule Adding # To Url And Redirecting

I am using this rule in Yii 2.0:


When I go to the url domain.com/item/1234 it will load just fine. However, when I link to it from another page, it will quickly go to domain.com/item/1234# then and redirect to domain.com/item/1234. I normally wouldn’t care but when I hit the back button the browser, the URL will go back but the page won’t actually go back. Also, when I link to domain.com/item/view/1234 it will load just fine, no weird link and I can go back.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong.


Any ideas on this?

How are you doing you link from the other page? Looks like it might be to href="#".

There isn’t a # in it. I’m linking like this <a href="/item/1234">

If I like <a href="/item/view/1234"> it works fine.

Still looking for some help on this. Possible bug in Yii 2?