url rewriting

I want to rewrite the following url

/user/registration/registration to /login

but not the url


so if the url is /user/registration/registration, createUrl() should direct it to /login

but if the url is /user/registration/registration/id/1000, createUrl should not direct to /login

how can I do that?


Ordinarily, the “id/1000” part will automatically be converted as arguments, if you are configured for a path-based URL format. You would have to set the “urlFormat” option for the “urlManager” component to “get” (or just comment it out), but you’ll be turning off path-based URLs for all URLs across your program. You’ll have to use the traditional “http://.../?arg1=value1&arg2=value2” instead of “http://.../arg1/value1/arg2/value2” for all of your links.

Dustin Oprea