url path cant rewrite

Hi, im crated website with yii. Everything works fine on localhost and my server, but when i uploaded to clients server all links suddenly stoped working. It didnt work when i use urlmanager seted to "path"


it didn’t work, but when i set it:

example.com/index.php?r=site/transporter it works fine.

maybe there are any configurations for server whitch is not seted?

or some htaccess issues?

Thanks, for your answer.

there is my code for urlmanger:











your url manager configuration is fine, can you show the .htaccess?

I dont have it, i didnt use it for this website.

I think there is not turned on mod_rewrite module on server, because i tryed to rewrite with htaccess simple link, but it didn’t worked it just ignored it. Maybe there is main problem? :)

Looks like that… you should talk to your host support team