Url Manager Rule Not Working

Hi. I’m having some trouble with the urlManager. The following is the portion of urlManager in my main configuration:










(In my TicketsController there is an action called "actionClean").

If I go to tickets/clean, everything works fine, but if I go to tickets/cleanall I get a 404 exception. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Ohhh, nevermind.

There was a typo in the rewrite rule in the nginx server. The rewrite for the yii site pointed to /index.php?r=foo/bar/baz and the "r" is the same value as the routeVar default value in the CUrlManager class. This caused the above "tickets/cleanall" rule to be ignored.

So, the “r” was removed from the rewrite rule and voila :)

Sorry for the noise.