Url manager once again

Good day. I use the Yii framework and now try add sitemap for my site. Since I want to create it on fly I’ve made a controller with a single method, which returns a string, without appropriate view. Here it’s code:

class SiteMapController extends Controller


    public function accessRules()


	    return array(




    public function actionIndex()


	    /* get a result*/

	    echo $res;



mysite.local/index.php/sitemap works just fine, but when I write in main.php:







    'admin/<action:\w+>' => 'admin/<action>',

    'sitemap.xml' =>'sitemap/index',			


I get 404 error trying to access mysite.local/sitemap.xml.

I’ve read url manager reference, but still cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.


Just a guess: Try (notice ‘/’ in front)


'/sitemap.xml' =>'sitemap/index',


Thank you very much, but still no luck:(