Url Manager Infinite loop, refresh page


I am using Yii2 and adding urlManager configuration to make url friendly. The page refreshes me all the time

'urlManager' => [ 'enablePrettyUrl' => true, 'showScriptName' => false, 'rules' => [ ] ]

EDIT: I am trying to do a redirect with javascript, window.location.replace('url')…but if I remove the url Manager setting, it doesn’t loop

If someone can help me …



I have an iframe with Embeddable Framework Genesys … I have a login template with the iframe … (localhost: 8080) When the login is done in Embeddable Framework Genesys, a ‘Station’ event is generated … In this event I have the redirect (window.location.replace (’/ index.php? R = base’)) When I add urlManager configuration: It refreshes the page and enters the event station all the time … without the configuration it works fine … I want to add the configuration, to create a middleware

You can use assign() methods to JavaScript redirect to other pages like the following:


The difference between replace() method and assign() method(), is that replace() removes the URL of the current document from the document history, means it is not possible to use the “back” button to navigate back to the original document. So Use the assign() method if you want to load a new document, andwant to give the option to navigate back to the original document.