url manager : hide Get values (not params)

How do I hide get values? I mean , I want to hide the actual values of the GET parameters in the URL

For E.g in the URL parameters


Whenever I call Yii::app->createURL(‘message/compose’,array(‘id’=>1,‘vesselid’=>33)

it calls in the URL as localhost/application/message/compose/1/35

Actually I don’t like to show these values in the URL… as anyone can change these values and hack or make some errors. Do you know how can I hide these values?

E.g URL should look something like localhost/application/message/compose/<some hidden or encrpted value>

How values can be "hidden" ?

You could encrypt or simply base64 encode values.

Right… but isn’t there something like regular expression or something in URL manager? I actually have read somewhere but not used it…

Sure, but anyway some value is visible ( numbers or charaters… )

… so how can I make sure now to NOT display the values?.. any ideas ? I am thinking of using the .htaccess but don’t know if that is the best solution.

Sorry but how do you can pass data to function if there isn’t data in url parameters?

It’s impossibile.

So, your last chance is to crypt data to pass

It shouldn’t matter that they can change the values because you’ll be using some sort of authorisation to ensure that they can edit whatever they’re trying to edit.

Having said that, in my new site, I decided not to set any cookies on the user’s computer, or to start any sessions. I needed a way to show a confirmation page after the user sent a message through the contact form, so I encrypted the contact message ID with a private key and used it in the URL of the confirmation page. The confirmation page decrypts it to determine the appropriate message. Doing this prevents users from altering the URL to see other people’s sent messages.

There’s additional protection as the confirmation page is only available for 5 minutes after the form is submitted. Messages older than that can’t be loaded through that page.

Feel free to submit a message through the site contact form if you want to get an idea of how it works.