Url Management

I have a table called constant or I put ‘Male, Female, Yes, No’. I generated all my files with gii everything works. Now what I have is a “constant” menu and interior in two submenus which the first is called “Sex” and the second “Active” menu. It is two submenus have the same controller, the same model and the same views. So this is my problem how to if you clik on the “Sex” menu only shows I (Male and female) sour all views and vice versa if you clik on the menu under “Active” I show that (yes and no) on all views.

Doesn’t the Blog demo have a lookup table? You might look at the code used in there to see how to do what you want.

the model of my table is like the lookup blog demo. Now cover how to retrieve each type from a url passing a parameter to the type that you want to display

Why do you need to use a URL to select if are going to ask if Yes/No? Are you going to pass YesNo=true EVERY TIME you are going to ask something. Come On…This is all stuff that should be done in the view/form files.

On a form that you what to ask YesNo, use a dropDownList and pull the info from the lookup table.

Sorry if I snapped, but It’s late.

I need this because my table contains various constants that are typed. But I want to present them to the administrator of the application as if these were constant in different tables. Since I includes the physically in the same table, I would get out by simulating a url for each type of constant.