URL Management


I’ve just starting using Yii and it’s really great, so keep up the good work.

But it seems I’m a little stuck at URL routing. My site has one big controller/dispatcher and I would like to make the following URL more user friendly:


and the modified URL would be:


Is there any way to do this using CUrlManager? What other solution is?

Thanks in advance!


Of corse there is.

You can find lot of information here and in a lot of thread in the forum

i read the doc.

how if we want to get id from string ?

$params=array('id'=>'john@gmail.com')   \\ not work

$params=array('id'=>'100')   \\ work

i try that case, and echo $_GET[‘id’] in func loadmodel(), but got nothing.

it seem that crulmanager return $_GET[‘id’] false, because there is alphabetic.

and not match preg_match…

is that true? :(