Url management

hey i dont want my url and redirections to be seen in the address bar.

example: i want my url in the address bar shud remain like http://www.testdrive.com/index and shud not show the separate views and parameters.

I referred http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/topics.url but i am still confused and unable to use it properly

Can anyone tell me exactly wat changes and coding is exactly needed to do so

Can anybody tell me why most of the times the posts remain unanswered…i know most of the time the queries are very easy or u can say stupid but we cant help it…as we r new with this framework…but we r trying our best…

So guys please keep on replying, it helps us a lot

Isn’t your request the same as here?


ya it is quite similar but even on that post we aint getting the solution

The solutions there (either using frames or AJAX) are the only ones i can think of. Besides that i agree with Daniel M: You want something that might not really be the best thing to do. And which is in contrast to "how the web usually works".