URL Management [SOLVED]

After read all the documentation and forum topics related to URL Management I can’t make what I want. I need simple url’s for


In my view I have :


and I got


and this is the rule :


But when I clik I got error : "The requested seccion does not exist."

I don’t know what I’m doing bad, any help will be appreciated, thanks


in your actionShow()-method your model will be loaded by title?

The pattern for title is missing. The rule should look like this for example:



I don’t think that is necessary.

Hmm, i think so. From the API docs:

Official blog demo main configuration file, line 54:


Right, just checked the implementation. So the API is a little incomplete here. The default pattern is [^\/]+ which means, any characters except /.


Sorry, so must be another problem.

I just issued a ticket to have API fixed.


Use mbi’s solution, and keep in my mind that using non-English variable names in source code always cause this kind of conflict. :)

thanks for all contributions, @mbi you put me on the right way.

I have to change actionShow() method to get the model by ‘title’.