Url Error


I am trying to create link like this

CHtml::link("Just link", array("monitor/sava")

and my main.php









		'monitor/<username:\w+>' => 'monitor/view',



I have already create actionView in my monitorController

public function actionView($username) 




and get this error

any idea?


Because, first part of the url is controller name and second part is action name.

So you have to create a new function like;

public function actionSava($username){ blabla... }

McQueen, Thank you for you reply

But I dont think that, because I have already URL rule that any

request with monitor/<word> redirect to monitor/view/username/<word>

or did I understand something wrong??

'monitor/<username:\w+>' => 'monitor/view',

Oh ok. i didnt see it. So put it to top of the rule and try again.

It works!!!

Thank you for your advice.

It doesnt matter… :)