Urgent need


I’m in urgent need to have this done: I have a list of images and on mouse over to this image i need to show a list of information it’s like a tooltip so if any one can help I’ll appreciate it.

Thank You.

i use http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/qtip/

and i implement it with:

 25 <ul>

 26     <li>

 27         (void) addErrors($attribute, $error) <span class="hint">?</span>

 28         <div class="tooltip">add an error for an attribute (both params are strings)</div>

 29     </li>

 30     <li>

 31         (bool) hasErrors() <span class="hint">?</span>

 32         <div class="tooltip">true when model has an error</div>

 33     </li>


200 <?php

201 $this->widget('application.extensions.jqueryTooltip.JqueryTooltip', array(

202             'selector' => '.hint',

203             'options'=>'',

204             ));

205 ?>

if that doesn’t work for you i perhaps modified it (i think the selector-part is my modification)

I can’t find any file to use neither the JqueryTooltip file :S

and I couldn’t extract the file correctly :S

can I have some help :S

somehow this server messes up .gz files - i thought this only is at the extension-section :confused:

so download it here:


Thank you a lot it works fine :D:smiley:

Hi again,

Excuse me but I’m too new to jquery and I need now to change the position of the tool tip so how can I change the code.

I did success to show it on the bottom right but now I need to pool it up 10px of the mouse click area so how can I do that ?:S