['URGENT']How do you solve the table/model issue in web hosting?

Hello, guys. This is urgent and please forgive me for posting a duplicate topic like this but I really need help here!

So I have already hosted a website for my Yii application and I have already set the database and configured it in the config/main page.

The error that I could not fix for days is this:

The table "tbl_userlogin" for active record class "UserLogin" cannot be found in the database.

Possible issues:

  • PHP/MySQL version (5.5/5.6) used in the hosting site (5.4/5.1) is different from mine

  • The naming with the Models and DB tables are different.

So that’s pretty much it.

not sure you still need help, but here are my two cents:

cross check the following in your config/main.php file:



  'connectionString' => 'xxxxx',

  'username' => 'xxxxx',

  'password' => 'xxxxx',

  'tablePrefix' => 'tbl_',



and in your model, cross check the table name:


	public function tableName()


		return 'tbl_userlogin';  // or something along those lines



are you using a particular extension for the user login, like yiiuser or yii_user_management or?

did you even import the database schema over to your online server

I know it’s too long because I was busy with another project. Anyways, I did exactly what I did and the same problem still arises. But thanks for your help anyways.

As for the database, it was already done before I even had this problem

On windows table names are case insensitive, but on linux are not. Go to your DB management system (PHPmyadmin or similar) on your hosting account and double check the exact name of the table.