Urgent Help With Mysql Timeout

Hello everyone and thanks for reading , i apologize for the title but i have an emergency. I have a project due Monday at 9 and just now the mysql server started being super slow when doing even the most basic queries.

I have no idea what is going on or why , all i know that all of a sudden the site became very slow so i checked the logs and the mysql logs where its showing 3 minutes of wait time for a simple select query.

I restarted the mysql query and cleaned the casce and i have no idea what is going on its still super slow.

If anybody had the same problem or could give me a tip or suggestion how to solve this it would be very useful because right now iam considering on working day and night this weekend in order to re do everything.

Plz give me advice or tips or suggestion iam willing to try anything even feeding some water to my keyboard.

Have you tried restarting the server?

Did you check sql queries out of yii project?

Check the problem partially

for example test into the phpmyadmin a very simple query

then a more complex.

If it is slow the the problem is in your server. Restart it or suggest your administrator of your server

If it is all right, check the yii log at protected/runtime/application.log for something wrong

mysql server was restarted many times, i even made a new virtual server and installed mysql again …still super slow and unresponsive

i think its a query also , o just have no idea where to look for it… i will check out what you suggested thanks

Problem SOLVED it was a query i put on a custom ajax search. Thanks for the tips