Urgent Dev Help: Need Several Controllers Built (CSS Done)

[size="5"]Paying Job: Need a Few Controllers Coded (CSS already done.)[/size]


I’m in the middle of a site redesign for http://www.guyfinley.org (old site shown).

[color="#CC0000"]We were hoping to have the site finished by September 5th for a book campaign that hits Sept 8th. Unfortunately one of our main developers will be out of touch for a few weeks, so we’re hoping to take up the slack with this posting.[/color]

What we’d like to find is a Yii expert who could help develop a few controllers for us. You would not be responsible for an entire site development, just a few controllers/widgets within the site. A pretty simple, paying gig.

Basically you and I would have about 7-12 days for the work.

Here are the pieces we’d like help with (contact me if you could help with ANY of these):

1. Google Search Controller: We have a paid Google private search account and need to wire up a controller to make the required Web services calls, process the xml, etc. The CSS design layout is finished. We just need the nuts and bolts and wiring assembled into a Yii controller to make it run. (see screen shot) Could be as simple as what you see here ( http://dev-tips.com/featured/php-tip-add-custom-google-search-results-to-your-site-with-php ) though I’m not sure why this fellow is using Google’s AJAX api for these calls.

2. Nav Controller (or widget?): Our main left-column nav changes depending on which section of the site you’re in. We’d also like to highlight the page the person is currently on within the current menu. There’s also a series of horizontal dropdown menus that have pretty much the same links as those that appear in the left nav. Last but not least there’s the links in the footer. Not all of this needs to go into one controller (for example, the footer links could just go into the main layout), but it would be nice to get as much as possible bundled into it. The way I’m thinking of going about it is to have the section controller for the site (store, about us, free content, etc.) set which section nav to render, then each controller action would specify which link within the menu to highlight as a “You are here” designator. Maybe something like this could be used: ( http://www.yiiframework.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10959-navigation-extension/ ) (see attached screenshot for look & feel of our design)

3. Breadcrumbs: [If time allows] Help define the breadcrumb scheme – possibly tie into the Nav controller/widget if possible.

4. Pagination: [If time allows] Help setup pagination for our content sections.

If you’re interested please reply back, PM me, email me timw (((at))) guyfinley (((.))) com, or call my cell at 541.476.5971. I’m in southern Oregon – that’s on the west coast of the U.S. Would be nice to see examples of your work if possible. I’m aiming to meet with our Director Wednesday night to go over the approximate budget for this work, so I need bids from you ASAP.

Sorry for the tight scheduling. . . ahh the joys of Web development!



what is google private search account ?

“spiritual success” eh? ;)

What does the payscale look like?

We can provide you experienced Yii developer(s) working from Bogota, Colombia.