urdu and unicode in yii framework

I am constantly trying to fetch and display unicode characters (In Urdu, Panjabi, Arabic and Hindi) from mysql and display on the web page.

I have developed this site earlier and its working fine.

Now when shifting to yii, the right to left languages are not supported, and the display is like that

Attachment 881 not found.

I have followed the guide at


including the mysql and database conntection options.

The old site is displaying the other languages correctly so using the same database, so I am quite sure that the problem lies in yii only.

I have also changed the $encoding variable in CStringValidator to "UTF-8" from false.

But the problem persists, can any one help, I am stuck with this single issue and cannot upload the yii-based site because of it.

You posted this topic 5 times (I deleted the others), please pay attention to this…

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Maybe do a little test first: Create a simple test.php in your root folder and add some Unicode text there. Then check if this page loads correctly. This way you can verify that your webserver is sending the correct Content-Type header.

As i said in the cookbook there are many places that all need to use UTF-8. If only one of them uses the wrong encoding, it will not work. So check and verify these step by step.

sorry for that trouble, actually I was constantly receiving a db error from yii, and I refreshed the page several times to ensure that the question is posted,

However later I re-posted the problem here


which is resolved by you and mike,

Please delete this thread also…