My company just released a new property listing website for Indonesia. We develop it using Yii 1.1.8.


Feedback is very much appreciated. ^^

Below are some screenshots.

Property Page

Agent Page

Company Page

Pretty neat. Although I couldn’t navigate around much, except for few actions that seemed obvious, the look-n-feel is definitely good.

Can you share, how you did that auto-scrolling pic stream at the bottom of page ? Which controls / widgets did you use ?

Nice, I like the integration with Google Maps, but still there is a room for improvement :)

yeah I like it too

Thanks a lot!

I made that autoscrolling pic stream from scratch using a plain CListView and made pretty by jQuery.

Thanks a lot!

We just released a new feature last month. It’s a map search for properties using Google Map.

Here’s the link.

Here’s the screenshot


Would like to buy source for your web.