Uploading Images With Redactorjs, Inserting Into Editor Fails

I use extension located here and It displays editor. I then use this extension to upload images and it does upload. The problem is, after uploading the dialog vanishes. When I reopen it there is no option to browse files I uploaded and insert them in editor.

I believe I’m missing something here because If I try YiiBooster’s RedactorJs it presents those options but then I cannot make it upload files. Moreover, in YB’s there is third method dealing with thumbnails but this extension seems to posses none (or I missed docs somewhere). I have no idea what to do next and I need help!



maybe this’ll help:

This is the widget



                'model' => $model,

                'attribute' => 'content',

                'options' => array(

                    'lang'      => 'en',

                    'minHeight' => 200,

                    'toolbar'   => true,

                    'iframe'    => true,

                    'autoresize'    => true,

                    'imageUpload'   =>'/index.php?r=file/imgUpload',

                    'imageUploadErrorCallback'=>'js:function(obj, json){ alert(json.error); }',




and this is from my "FileController"

public function actions()


		return array(


			    'class' => 'ext.imperavi-redactor-widget.actions.imgUpload.RedactorUploadAction',



			        'mimeTypes' => array('image/png', 'image/jpg', 'image/gif', 'image/jpeg', 'image/pjpeg'),





PS. you have to create the "uploads/files" folder under your root

if this won’t help try to look in the browser console (in chrome Ctrl+Shift+J), maybe you’ll get some more info about the error