Uploading An Image Into The Database

I will like a simple explanation on how to upload image(and if possible csv files and other file formats) into the database

I would really appreciate it if code snippets were included to help me understand

Thanks in advance

This may help Saving files to a blob field in the database

I HIGHLY recommend NOT saving files in the database. There is no good reason for it IMO. Save in a protected folder instead if you’re concerned about linking directly.

Saving file in db or filesystem is an open religion war. Let’s just answer the technical question “how to do it” and forget about “what my religion say about it”.

I like saving file in db, they will be authomatically deleted by fk. I have successfully used this approach in many projects, both sites and application.

Follow the wiki guaruja pointed you, and don’t forget give a + if the wiki helps you.

You can also embed the uploaded image in the view with data uri scheme.