Uploadedfile need help to debug

I’m using a model, form and controller like specificated in http://www.yiiframew…ile-upload.html

I need some help to debug, 'cause when I upload a file from one pc all works fine, but when I try to upload one file from a smartphone (ios or android), UploadingFiles load the thumbnail instead the real file.

So I need to investigate why, and can be interesting if it is possible to check namefile, tempfile, size, and so on.

The guide tell «You may also query other information about the file, including [[name]],

  • [[tempName]], [[type]], [[size]] and [[error]].», but I need a suggestion for how to show this additional info, maybe in form, or any other way you think it will be better.

But if someone came across the same problem and had found a solution would be fine also. :slight_smile:

Edit: I must be idiot. From Android loading files works fine. The problem is only when i charge the photo from photocamera and not whe i load from gallery…