Upload Yii Framework on web host

Hi all,

I would like to upload a create my yii framework project on free web host like “byehost”. At my localhost i use virtual host:“http: //www. code . com” to run and my homepage is displayed. But when i upload a my project on web host, my homepage cannot to display. Like normal index.php and yii’s requirements it displays. This means while uploading i am doing something wrong.

My sequence:

I compress all the files and folders of project into a zip file, and upload it to my online webserver, then unzip.

Test on fireFox with http: // longdhb . byethost15 .com.

I tried to many ways, like:

1>delete some folder and : "assets , commands, runtime, tests,yiic" and tried to upload, but it does not work.

2>create a ‘test’ folder on web host and upload to it -> not work.

What is exactly the directory structure while uploading the yii framework project? i would like to know sequence uploading method.

PLz help me!

althought nobody reply, but I am thank very much. I have done .

Sorry for stupid question.

can you tell what did you do?

i have the same problem.


nobody reply.any ideas?

Care to explain what your problem is?

First you need to check if your host satisfies all the requirements to run YII powered apps.

You can do so by uploading the requirements folder and running the index.php in it. If its fine,to move ahead, it would be more helpful for peoples in the forum to determine what’s wrong, if you

can give a more detailed description of the problem you are facing :) .