upload multiple files

Hi everyone , iv been triyng to upload multiple files , but i cant, i downloaded a lot of extensions to try but no one works , i jus can upload one file.

could some one show me a easy way to upload multiple files , ( WITH CODE PLEASE , IM NEWB i want to see some codes) . please i realy need it , to make a album site to my client.


For each file element try to have it in an array, for example

<input name="Files[1]" type="file">

<input name="Files[2]" type="file">

<input name="Files[3]" type="file">

<input name="Files[4]" type="file">

Then access them one by one as



// rest of code for file contents

// don't forget to use file name as Files[$i]


Hope this will work.

Just a thought

Please, refer to the uploader’s documentation that the extensions make use of. It will be a matter to set one attribute, as swfupload and uploadify both can do multiple files…

You can use CMultiFileUpload to upload multiple files.

Please look at this url : http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/1.1/CMultiFileUpload