Upload Image

Hello people!

I need a favor, I want to make a file field for images, this is done, but y want that in this field when I choose a image, the field shows a miniature image of the image that I have choosen.

I have a example of that I want:

aquantum-demo.appspot.com /file-upload

without spaces jaja because in the forum I can’t send link, is my first post

Thanks for your help…

Well. There is no way showing a picture without uploading it first. At least not with PHP. You can use JAVA or anything else for that kinda thing.

Otherwise you must upload upon selecting the picture with a hidden iframe or that kinda thing that returns an url of a thumbnail pic. There are a lot of examples if you google for that.

e.g.: http://web4us.wordpress.com/2009/08/13/image-upload-preview-without-page-refresh/

Thanks I am going to try this