Upload image in fckeditor

I am trying to use fckeditor and I am trying to upload images .

When I click on image lunk and then browse server it is showing me and aler box with

This connector is disabled. Please check the "editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php" file

in my config.php file I have this

// SECURITY: You must explicitly enable this "connector". (Set it to "true").

// WARNING: don't just set "$Config['Enabled'] = true ;", you must be sure that only

//		authenticated users can access this file or use some kind of session checking.

$Config['Enabled'] = true ;


$Config['Enabled'] = (isset($_COOKIE['PHPSESSID']) && (in_array('moderator', $_SESSION))) ;

// Path to user files relative to the document root.

$Config['UserFilesPath'] = '/images/' ;

Above /images/ points to images folder which is next to the protected folder not within it

What is wrong?

fckeditor is wrong :)

don’t use it, the file manager is exploitable and will lead to huge problems using it.

Instead, use CKEDITOR + ELFINDER as a file manager.

What about using tinymce