Upload files to SharePoint

I have a yii2 app running on Azure. Until now, I have uploaded files into a folder in the hosting directory structure. I have been asked if it is possible to upload them into their SharePoint site instead. I know nothing of SharePoint and was hoping someone here could offer some guidance.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

dunno anything about Sharepoint either but I would start at Sharepoint and see if they have any API for that!

SharePoint exposes a REST API. So you could do this the same as if you wanted to upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Here you go:

The REST API will be a good method to explore.

It would be worth while exploring how much the end user/owner of the sharepoint site understand and can tell you about security permissions, structure of the teamsite(s) and libraries. The teamsite is a web interface to allow user access Libraries and lists (there are many types of list). Most likely the target will be a Library.

Libraries appear like a file system directory with folders and files, but the data and files are, in most cases, stored in the backend SQL server. Libraries can have constraints about what metadata is required, defaults or not required and what type and size of files are allowed.

Not forgetting security where a Library may have different permissions to those of the teamsite, where inheritance is broken.

So there are a number of layers to work through to ensure basic functionality, than add any additional effort for refinement.

Depending on policies passwords are usually changed at set intervals, and accounts can be blocked if not used. The owner (should) have a security policy in place to allow external access, and in your case the ‘user account’ would be an impersonal name, rather than real person.

The API needs to have permissions to work, as this can be turned off for security or paranoia.

Non-trivial if not familiar with sharepoint. It will expand your mind, and shorten the temper.

Its been a while since I hit sharepoint, so I hope these pointers will act as hints for your travels.

You can use Sharegate or Gs Richcopy 360 to transfer your files directly from Azure to Sharepoint, or from local to Sharepoint quickly and easily . Also, you can use Azcopy if you are familiar with the command line base.