Upload file update adjustments

I am trying to amend the actionUpdate for a Gii generated CRUD to deal with uploaded files that are not stored in the database. I am following the suggestions posted by Thim on this post:

How to upload a file using a model

I think it would work fine, except that I keep getting thrown back to the form with an "imagefile cannot be blank" message.

How to I get around this?

The image record does not contain a blob for the image file. It just saves it under an assumed name on the server and remembers where. This works great during actionCreate, but I have this glitch in actionUpdate.

Any ideas?



There are already few thread about that in the forum… you need to set allowEmpty to true…

Thanks for the prompt and concise response. That is exactly the information I needed.

I apologize if I am rehashing old topics. I’m new and sometimes don’t know what questions I should be asking. This community is making the process pretty easy.


Not a problem at all…

A good way to go with new problems is to first search the forum… but sometimes a search does not give the right links as different users can "describe" the same problem with different words…